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Trípode Audiovisual

September 23, 2010

Members: Julio López, David Gallardo, Francisco Morales, Francisco Flores and Carlos Fúnes

Focus: To create and promote new video works by Salvadoran visual artists.  A hybrid between a video production company and artist collective, it was started by members of a rock band who first experimented with video creating projections for concerts.

Activities: Participated in local and international events and festivals with video art, documentaries and audio visual installation, including:  Festival Fotografest in Morelos, México (2008), Olla de Presión – Sinergia in Costa Rica (2009), Territorios: Nuevas Corrientes Visuales de El Salvador y la Diáspora in SOMArts de San Francisco E.U.A. (2009), Cotidiana: obra reciente de pequeño formato en Resident_es de San Salvador (2009), and many more.

Active: 2008 – Present


Francisco Morales and David Gallardo // Photo: Alejandra Cárabes Montes

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