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Co-founders Marwa Arsanios & Mirene Arsanios at 98weeks Research Project

November 20, 2012

98weeks research project
Founding Members: cousins Marwa Arsanios and Mirene Arsanios
Focus: A project space with a library, gallery, and small office in the Mar Mkhael neighborhood of Beirut, this is a place dedicated to arts research, “where artists, cultural practitioners and neighbors are welcome to propose ideas”. The Arsanios cousins conceive of art practice as research, a process that meshes theory with application, and at 98weeks can have a range of outcomes, from reading groups and seminars to workshops, community projects, publications and exhibitions.
Activities: The project opened with a series of walk/performance/narratives, As Long As I Am Walking (2008) with Francis Alÿs and Cuauhtémoc Medina, a workshop in which 14 participants, mainly artists, discussed the transformation of urban topographies and renewal as it is related to recent ruins at sites of the train station of Mar Mkayel and the National Museum in Beirut. It continues with an ongoing series of workshops and exhibitions, changing themes approximately every 98 weeks.
Active: 2007 – Present


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