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Sanayeh House, a Jadmur Collective project

November 20, 2012

Jadmur Collective
Founding Members: Ghassan Maasri, Mansour Aziz
Focus: The Jadmur Collective represents an intervention into the constant destruction of Beirut’s historic buildings (which are being replaced with new commercial developments). It is comprised of two site-based projects: 3Studios visual arts residency and gallery space, and Sanayeh House arts project/living space, both housed in 1930s vintage apartment buildings schedeled to be demolished sometime in the not too distant future. It is “a way to keep [the old buildings] inhabited, prolong the destruction and open up a private space to public events,” says Ghassan Maasri. The approach differs from that of a public institution concerd with a schedule of events, visitor quotas, and institutional funding. Sanayeh house is funded by renting its rooms to workshop organizers, researchers, artists, and foreign visitors. When the space is not being used for theater workshops, aesthetic presentations, design classes, and contemporary-arts discussions, informal public evens are hosted by a network of artists, activists, writers, and friends, including screen filmings, artist talks, discussion groups and music nights.
Activities: The collective provides temporary living, creating, and sharing space for its ever-growing network of artists. By adopting a non-institutional protocol, private spaces are transformed into public artspaces through informal networks based upon friendships and word-of-mouth publicizing (as opposed to websites and fundraising common to institutional culture). Sanayeh House is an important incubation space for other independant arts start ups in the region, often hosting groups that do not have a permanent space. 98weeks research project held their first workshops here before opening up their own gallery/workshop space.
Active: 2008- Present
Contact: More information can be found by asking around in arts and cultural spaces in the Sanayeh and Hamra neighborhoods of Beirut, where Sanayeh House and other Jadmur Collective projects are well known.

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