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SIN PASAPORTE ARCHIVES is a space to document contemporary project groups that have made a mark on the art & visual culture scenes of the 21st century city. The collective projects and artspaces described here operate at the intersection of art, activism, design, education and social change.  They are independent and mostly artist-run, although some have transformed into foundations and institutions, while others remain purposefully informal and autonomous.  In 2009, Sara Ángel Guerrero-Rippberger (sociology and arts researcher) and Alejandra Cárabes Montes (anthropologist and photographer) began an ethnographic project to document the work and lives of contemporary artist groups in several Latin American cities. Their low-budget travels continue today (sometimes together and sometimes separately), spanning the globe to include North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America.  Here you will find their reflections on imaginary borderlands and common ground between post-industrial and post-colonial 21st century cities near and far, along with fragments from a larger ethnographic collection of interviews, video, images and momentos from each group and each city.

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